Car Dealership vs. Jiffy Lube Routine Maintenance

A car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life. It is crucial to take thevbest care of it so it will last you as long as possible. This means routine maintenance and regular oil changes. When deciding where to service your car, most consumers choose between a jiffy lube and a car dealership. Jiffy Lube is known to be the cheaper option, but is it the best value for money? Read on to learn why a dealership provides the best value for money when servicing your vehicle.




At your local dealership, you can expect certified and experienced technicians. Local dealerships hire trained technicians who are specialized in caring for your car. In a car dealership, working conditions are better, therefore, the technicians are able to excel. They get the job done right, the first time. Compared to Jiffy Lube they often hire technicians with little to no experience, so they can pay less, and therefore your price of service goes down. Although your service may be cheaper, it comes at a cost.

Customer Service and Satisfaction


Visiting your local dealership for your routine maintenance or oil change ensures personalizedcustomer service. As mentioned before, at a dealership the technicians are well trained on your specific vehicle type and have experience in providing quality service. Dealerships represent a brand, so each dealership is required to meet or excel in the standards the brand’s corporation has established. At a jiffy lube, employees are usually paid low wages and work in hot conditions. Paying a little more for your routine maintenance can make a massive difference in terms of customer care.

Quality Parts and Price


Most consumers assume Jiffy Lube is the cheaper option to service their vehicle, but they fail to consider the quality of parts. Scheduling your routine maintenance at your local dealership ensures you will receive high-quality parts and materials for your vehicle at an affordable price. Vehicles are an expensive purchase, it is vital to treat them with high-quality care to ensure they will last as long as possible on the road.

Facilities and Atmosphere


When choosing between your local dealership and a Jiffy Lube, the facilities and atmosphere are important. Feeling good is part of the experience. You will be in a familiar environment when servicing your vehicle at your local dealership. Dealerships usually have the luxury of space, meaning nicer waiting areas. Dealerships are held to corporate cleanliness standards, so usually, they are cleaner and you have more room to get comfortable. Additionally, more space means more car service bays, improving efficiency, thus making shorter wait times.

Visit Your Local Dealership for an Oil Change and Routine Maintenance


So, what is the best value for money? Visiting your local dealership for routine maintenance and an oil change ensures the best quality of service, price, and atmosphere. Consider these factors when deciding where to have your vehicle’s routine maintenance and oil changed. Ready to schedule your appointment? Visit your local dealership’s website today.