A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Honda Models of the Last Decade

Are you looking for a reliable and practical vehicle? Honda is not in short supply of those. As a brand that is well-known for its quality cars, you'll often find Honda models in used car dealerships due to their longevity and durability. 

However, with so many great options available, it may be challenging to narrow down your choices. We'll go over some of the top Honda makes and models in recent years, so you can find the option that fits your needs best. 

The Honda HR-V 

Crossover SUVs are quickly becoming one of the most popular vehicle types available due to their versatility and practical features. If you're looking for the Honda makes and models with the best versatility, the HR-V is a tough vehicle to beat in this category. The HR-V is a subcompact SUV that has a surprisingly spacious cabin for its size and great fuel efficiency, making it one of the most practical options on the market. 

The 2021 HR-V

While there are many great model year options available for the HR-V, the 2021 model is one of the best ones. It has a combined 28 city/highway mpg rating. HR-V owners will also enjoy an easy driving performance, as the model has superb handling and a decently powered engine that can produce up to 140 horsepower.

This model year also has the standard Honda Sensing suite of safety features. Some of the key features of this technology include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automated emergency braking. Besides these features, the model also scored amazingly well in safety tests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the HR-V a five-star rating (the best rating possible). 


The Honda Accord 

Out of all Honda makes and models, the Accord is one of the most widely known vehicles of the line-up. Since it was first introduced in the 70s, the Accord has offered drivers a lot of benefits. In particular, the Accord has become almost synonymous with reliability. However, the Accord has evolved over the years to include many new technological and performance-related upgrades. 

The 2019 Accord

Though there are many Accord model years that offer great value to drivers, the 2019 model is particularly great. The model offers a sporty driving experience, with quick acceleration and decent handling. Plus, the 2019 Accord has great safety features and ratings, which make it a great choice for car shoppers looking for a vehicle with a lot of value.

The 2022 Hybrid Accord

If you're looking for the Accord with the best fuel efficiency, you'll want to consider one of the hybrid trim options. The 2022 Hybrid Accord has much to offer car shoppers, including a powerful hybrid powertrain that can generate up to 212 horsepower and has a combined 47 city/highway mpg rating. Besides having high fuel economy ratings, the model is an overall great pick for those who want a reliable, safe, and comfortable sedan. 


The Honda Civic 

Besides the Accord, the Civic is one of the most recognizable models from the Honda line-up. With a decades-long history, there have been many generations of the Civic. However, in the last decade, the Civic has evolved into a refined and sleek sedan option that's perfect for cruising around the city.  

The 2020 Civic

Some model years of the Honda Civic are better than others. The 2020 Civic model is a great choice for car shoppers looking for new technology and great fuel efficiency at an affordable price. If you find a used 2020 Civic for sale, then you're in luck as they typically are reliable and dependable. You'll have access to some of the latest Honda Sensing safety technology, like automatic emergency braking, a lane-keeping assistance system, and a lane departure warning. 


The Honda CR-V 

The CR-V is another popular crossover option in the Honda lineup. As a versatile and fuel-efficient option, many car shoppers choose to opt for this model. Additionally, since the class size is a competitive segment, the CR-V boasts many great features and a smooth ride. 

The 2020 CR-V

The 2020 model year for the CR-V offered particularly strong safety ratings. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the model top scores in crash tests and crash prevention tests. Some of the Honda Sensing safety features included on all trim levels are the collision mitigation system, the road departure mitigation system, and adaptive cruise control. On the Touring Hybrid trim, the vehicle also has front and back parking sensors.


The Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a refined choice for a minivan. It offers superior safety features as well as many convenient technology features. The model also has an upscale cabin, which makes it a top-quality choice for car shoppers who could use the practicality of a minivan but prefer a more elegant interior. 

The 2021 Odyssey

This model year has a lot to offer car shoppers, including excellent safety features, convenient technology, and decent fuel economy ratings. Some of the standard safety features on the model include automatic braking with pedestrian detection, a traffic sign recognition system, and adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow. Additionally, in the higher trims, drivers will have a CabinWatch camera that shows the rear seats.

Choosing from Honda makes and models can be challenging when there are many great options available. However, there are a few model years that stand out from the rest due to their excellent safety ratings, high fuel efficiency ratings, and other high-quality features. If you're looking for the option that's right for you, you'll want to consider your budget, preferences, and other practical needs. When you're ready to start looking for the perfect Honda model, check out our selection of used inventory