An In-Depth Look at the Honda Pilot: Exploring its Features, Pros, and Cons

The Honda Pilot is a popular model due to its reliability and practical features. For car shoppers looking for a three-row SUV, the Pilot is a great choice. Drivers will have a powerful engine with easy handling. Plus, there are plenty of safety and technology features to make the driving experience safe and enjoyable. 

Though there are quite a few advantages to choosing a Honda Pilot, there are also some disadvantages you should be aware of when car shopping. We'll discuss the pros and cons of the Pilot in more depth so you can decide if the model is right for your needs.


The Pros of the Honda Pilot

There are many pros of the Honda Pilot that make it a worthwhile, yet expensive vehicle choice. For those who are looking for a spacious SUV, the Pilot is a reliable choice. While it doesn't have the kind of luxury that other SUVs might have, it does offer a capable performance and interior features to make it a great driving experience. 

Excellent Safety Features

One of the highlights of the Honda Pilot is the standard suite of Honda Sensing safety features. On all trim levels, the Pilot has many safety features, including a collision mitigation braking system, a road departure mitigation system, lane-keeping assistance, and adaptive cruise control. On the 2023 model, a blind-spot information system comes standard on all trims besides the base level. 

Roomy Interior

If you're looking for a roomy vehicle, then you'll appreciate the Honda Pilot. As a three-row SUV, you'll enjoy the eight-passenger seating options. For some people, having this third row for seating is essential. Even if you don't absolutely need the seating for your daily routine, having extra flexibility with seating can be a perk. Also, depending on the trim, there may be more flexible seating options in the second row. On the higher trims, the Pilot features a collapsible second-row center seat.

The Pilot also has a lot of cargo space even with the seats in the upright position. For those who need to transport larger items regularly, having this extra space may be a huge pro. With about 18.6 cubic feet of space in the cargo area, you'll have room to store many items for your daily commute, like extra bookbags, sports equipment, and more.

An Abundance of Standard Technology Features

Another benefit of the Honda Pilot is the numerous technology features that help to make driving more convenient, comfortable, and overall more enjoyable. On the 2023 Pilot, some of the standard technology features available on all trims include a 7-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, and Bluetooth. There are also many standard features aimed to make the driving experience more convenient, such as a push-button start, cargo area hooks, and a rear window defroster. 

However, for car shoppers who are willing to spend a little more, there are even more features available on the higher trims. Some of the features include wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, an in-car PA system, and a wireless phone charger. 

Rugged Exterior and Upscale Interior

Overall, the cabin of the Honda Pilot offers an upscale experience for the driver and passengers. On the upper trims of the 2023 Pilot, you can expect elegant features such as LED ambient lighting, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and leather-trimmed seating. 

Though the cabin offers an upscale and comfortable experience, the exterior of the Pilot has a sporty and rugged design. With roof rails, all-season tires, and a towing capacity of up to 3,500 pounds, the Pilot offers great performance for those who like to head out of the city. 


The Cons of the Honda Pilot

Even with so many pros, it's important to consider some of the cons of the Honda Pilot as well. This SUV might not suit every household's needs or preferences. From the lack of fuel-efficient trim options to high prices, there are some disadvantages you'll need to consider before heading to the dealership.

No Hybrid Options

One of the big disadvantages of the Honda Pilot is the lack of hybrid trim options. With such a large SUV, the fuel efficiency ratings aren't great, though they are competitive with other gasoline-powered SUVs. The 2023 AWD Pilot has a fuel efficiency rating of 21 combined city/highway mpg. While this factor may not bug some car shoppers, for others, this may be a strong deciding factor to look at different SUV hybrid options. 

High Price

The 2023 Pilot is an expensive investment. For those who don't need three rows of seating, opting for a smaller, but less expensive option may be the best option. The basic trim (LX) starts at $36,300. The next five trim levels get progressively more expensive, though they offer some upgraded features. The highest trim level (the Elite) has a starting price of $52,380. At this price, you'll have the same performance capabilities as the base trim. However, you'll also have access to upgraded features like a Bose premium sound system, Wi-Fi hotspot capability, and multi-zone audio. 

Choosing the right vehicle for your needs can be challenging. The Honda Pilot does have some disadvantages, such as high pricing and a lack of hybrid options. However, the Honda Pilot also has a lot of benefits to offer car shoppers, including reliability and practical features. Overall, if you're looking for a large SUV with flexible seating options, plenty of technology features, and an extensive safety suite, then you should consider one of the Pilot trims. When you're ready to take the Pilot for a test drive, visit our dealership in Miami.