Buying a New Honda Insight

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The new Honda Insight is a sleek, compact hybrid sedan that offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Originally made in the early 2000s, the Insight was discontinued in 2014 before being redesigned in 2019. The newest model year Insight is perfect for drivers that are looking for a small sedan that is practical and efficient as it has outstanding fuel economy and plenty of improved safety and technology features. 

Honda Insight Latest Model Year (2022)

Are there any changes from the previous model? One of the biggest changes this year is that Honda has dropped the LX trim. So that means the most basic trim available for the new Honda Insight is the more expensive EX trim. Even as the most basic trim available, the EX comes with a lot of high-quality features, like an 8-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capabilities. The new Honda Insight has a spacious interior with plenty of storage solutions. Every trim comes with standard features, like active noise cancellation, LED headlights, 16-inch alloy wheels, and Honda Sensing safety technology. 

There are only two available trims for purchase with the new Honda Insight–EX and Touring. There are a few key differences to be aware of when shopping for the new Honda Insight.

  • The Honda Insight EX: This basic trim still provides a lot of features that promote comfortability and ease. It has cloth seats, a manually adjusted driver's seat, and a push-button start.  
  • The Honda Insight Touring: At the top tier level, the Touring trim offers a more elevated driving experience than the EX that emphasizes style and comfort. With heated front seats, leather upholstery, a moonroof, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and navigation, the Touring trim offers an upscale hybrid sedan experience.

2022 Honda Insight

Why Should You Buy a New Honda Insight?

If you are looking for a compact hybrid sedan that has great fuel economy, a roomy interior, and offers a ton of safety features, then the new Honda Insight is a great choice. Even at its most basic trim, it offers great standard safety features and high-quality technology to ensure that you have a smooth and safe ride. Additionally, the exterior and interior designs are sophisticated and refined to suit many people's tastes. 

Who Should Buy a New Model Year Honda Insight?

If you're looking for a high-quality hybrid sedan, then the new Honda Insight is perfect for you. You can choose to opt for the more expensive trim or go with the most basic option and still get an upscale hybrid sedan that doesn't lose its practicality or efficiency. As you begin your research into car shopping for the new Honda Insight, there are a few points to consider concerning who should buy a new Insight. 

  • With so many standard safety features, this car is perfect for those looking for a safe and reliable car. Whether you have kids or just want more peace of mind on the road, all of the standard safety features can help keep everyone in your car safe.
  • It's great for small families, as it provides plenty of trunk space for toys, bookbags, and sports gear. 
  • If you are looking for a car that will save you money at the gas pump, the hybrid engine on the Insight can help you reduce your monthly gas budget. 

Ultimately, if you are looking for a sensible hybrid sedan, the new Honda Insight is an excellent option.

Should You Lease the New Honda Insight?

Do you have questions about financing or payment options? Our dedicated finance team at Brickell Honda is here to help you find the right option for your financial situation. Leasing may be a great option for you as there are affordable monthly payment options available that can get you driving away in your new Honda Insight in a short amount of time. If you have any questions or concerns about leasing, our team is happy to assist you. 

2022 Honda Insight

What Honda Insight Trim Is Right for You?

Even though there are only two trims available for the new Honda Insight, there is quite a price difference, as well as a few technology and style upgrades. If you have a strict budget, then it's best to stick with the most basic option, as it still has all of the standard safety features that you would want in the more expensive trim. However, if your budget has some wiggle room and you care about the small details in style and convenience, then go with the more expensive option. 

  • The most basic trim, EX, has a roomy interior and a clean and simple design. It comes with all of the standard safety features, plus some technology features that help with comfortability and convenience, like a push-button start and an 8-inch touchscreen. It's the best value if you care mostly about the safety features and fuel efficiency of a car. 
  • If you prefer that your car has more upscale features, like leather seating and a leather-wrapped steering wheel, then you will like the more expensive Touring option. This trim comes with a lot more features that have to do with comfort and style. So if having things like heated front seats or a moonroof is important to you, then you'll want to pay extra for this trim. 

If you would like to get started on car shopping, our team is ready to help you with the whole process. We strive to provide superior customer service throughout your entire car shopping experience. From providing information about models and trims to answering questions about the financing options available to you, we will do our best to ensure you drive away in a car that is best for you and your family.