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When you think of minivans, luxury probably isn't the first word that comes to mind. However, with the Honda Odyssey, you'll be impressed with the kind of luxury features and style of this minivan. The latest current model year Odyssey doesn't significantly differ from the previous year. The minivan's last big redesign was in 2021, so it carries much of the same standard driving and specs as recent models.

Honda Odyssey Current Model Year (2024)

What new changes can car shoppers expect from the current model year Odyssey? There aren't any significant changes to the new Honda Odyssey. Drivers can still expect the same high-quality features and refined style found in recent models. Besides keeping the same design, drivers can also expect the same driving capabilities as the previous year. The Odyssey is equipped with an engine capable of 280 horsepower and a fuel economy rating of 22 combined city/highway mpg. Though the Odyssey doesn't have the best fuel economy compared to smaller vehicles or hybrids, the rating is competitive with other gas-powered minivans on the market, such as the 2024 Kia Carnival.

The new Honda Odyssey is available in five trim levels–the EX, EX-L, Sport, Touring, and Elite. All trims come equipped with the Honda Sensing driver-assistive technology that helps improve overall safety on the road. Additionally, there are many technology features that come standard on all trims, such as an eight-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth, and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. However, though the Odyssey has many standard features, there are some trim differences you should know about.

  • The EX: As the most basic and affordable trim, this option doesn't have all of the high-end features found in upper trims. However, there are many great standard features, like a push-button start, heated front seats, and flexible seating options. 
  • The Honda EX-L: At the next trim level, you'll notice a few upgrades, like leather-trimmed seating, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a moon roof.
  • The Honda Sport: On the Sport trim, you'll have upgrades, like parking sensors, red ambient lighting, and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capabilities.
  • The Honda Touring: At this level, you'll have access to more great features, such as CabinWatch/CabinTalk, an advanced rear entertainment system, and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities. 
  • The Honda Elite: The highest available trim has a lot of quality features to make your ride extra enjoyable. Some of the upgrades include a wireless phone charger, an 11-speaker audio system, a heated steering wheel, and blue ambient lighting. 

2024 Honda Odyssey Touring

Why Should You Buy a New Honda Odyssey?

The Honda Odyssey packs a lot of high-end features into an ultra-practical design. Though it doesn't offer significant changes from the previous year, the new Honda Odyssey has a lot of features to offer prospective drivers. From the abundance of standard safety features available in all trim levels to the high-end technology features in the upper trim levels, the Odyssey is a mix of practicality and luxury. 

Who Should Buy a New Model Year?

The new Honda Odyssey is a great choice for families who want to invest in a vehicle that offers high-quality features. Though this minivan has plenty of practical features that make it a solid choice, there are also many great stylish attributes that may appeal to car shoppers. With all of its advantages, there are a few reasons why you may want to consider buying a new Odyssey.

  • If you're looking for a family van that isn't clunky or lacking in technology features, you should consider the new model year Odyssey.
  • There are many different trim options available, so if you're looking for something to fit your budget, you'll have options.
  • The model has decent driving capabilities to ensure a smooth and safe ride. 

Should You Lease the Honda HR-V?

You may have questions surrounding financing a new Honda Odyssey, specifically your leasing options. Though understanding your leasing options can be confusing, our team at Brickell Honda is ready to help you throughout the entire process. Our leasing options have low monthly payments and affordable deposits, which may be the perfect fit for your financial situation. However, no matter your circumstances, we strive to provide you with transparency and clarity to ensure you drive off the lot in a vehicle that you love and works with your budget.

2024 Honda Odyssey Elite

What Honda Odyssey Trim Is Best for You?

With so many great options, figuring out the right trim may be challenging, as there are a lot of factors to consider. You'll need to balance your budget with your lifestyle and personal preferences to end up with the right option. 

  • If budget is the most important factor in the choice, you should consider going with the EX trim. It has a lot of great standard features that make it seem more luxurious than just a base trim.
  • If your budget can be stretched a little, the EX-L offers some significant style upgrades, like leather-trimmed seating and a moon roof.
  • For car shoppers who want a vehicle that has a ton of luxury features, the Elite is the best choice. There are high-end technology and style features that make this trim stand out from the others.

Overall, the new Honda Odyssey offers a wide selection of trims that cater to various budgets. However, all trim levels provide excellent standard safety and technology features, making the model a solid choice for many car shoppers looking for a minivan.

If you would like some help choosing a trim or need more information about the new Honda Odyssey, our team is here to offer our professional expertise. At Brickell Honda, we aim to provide car shoppers with an easy and convenient car-buying experience. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect Honda model that fits your needs.

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