Buying a New Honda Ridgeline

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The Honda Ridgeline is described as an easy-to-drive pickup truck. Unlike most trucks, it's made with comfort and driving precision in mind, not sheer raw power. It is the truck that you can use to take people places, but also haul and tow the things you need. With a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine, the Honda Ridgeline offers independent suspension, lockable cargo space below the truck bed, and offers a nice, responsive, quiet ride. With a towing capacity at 5,000 pounds, the Ridgeline is that sweet spot between a powerful truck and a passenger vehicle. The Ridgeline handles nicely, much like the Honda Pilot. You won't find the "truck noise" or the stiff handling commonplace in other truck makes and models. 

The powerful new Honda Ridgeline 

The current model year Honda Ridgeline is truly a great truck. Not only does it offer generous towing and cargo capacity, it has all the features that you want from a modern truck, including:

  • Electric power steering
  • Generous fuel economy (19 MPG city / 24 MPG highway)
  • 9-speed automatic all-wheel drive
  • Plenty of room in the back seat for your passengers

2023 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E

The Ridgeline comes in several different trims, offering different features for your ideal driving experience:

  • The Sport is your entry-level trim, boasting features such as a dual-action tailgate, Honda Sensing (standard across all trims for safety), power locks, power windows, and three-zone climate control.
  • The RTL adds some additional features, like a power sunroof and sliding rear window, leather upholstery, and blind spot monitoring. The driver also gets a comfortable 10-way power seat. 
  • The RTL-E includes GPS navigation, audio built into your truck bed, and a power outlet to power your compressor and tools.
  • The Black Edition completes the Ridgeline lineup, including black gloss alloy wheels, extremely comfortable leather seats, and ambient lighting.

The calling cards of the Honda Ridgeline include its quiet ride (many people drive a Honda Ridgeline because no other truck is as quiet), the cargo space below the truck bed, and the fact that it handles nicely, similar to the Honda Pilot. 

Why should you buy a new Honda Ridgeline? 

The Honda Ridgeline, simply put, is the best midsize truck on the market. Not only does the Ridgeline consistently get rave reviews from Consumer Reports for the midsize truck class, but you won't find the quiet ride, luxury features, and spacious cabin anywhere else. The current year Ridgeline also offers great features in the entry-level Sport trim. 

Who should buy the new Honda Ridgeline? 

The Honda Ridgeline, according to caranddriver.com, is the number one ranking midsize truck, followed by the Jeep Gladiator, Chevy Colorado, and the GMC Canyon. You should consider the Ridgeline if:

  • You are especially interested in fuel economy in a truck.
  • You will use your truck for light towing and cargo hauling.
  • You want a midsize truck that has the comfort of a car.
  • You also want a "trunk" underneath the bed to store valuables or other items.

The Honda Ridgeline is the truck for families, as it is built on the same engine and suspension as the Honda Pilot. The Ridgeline, with its AWD and independent suspension, is a smoother ride than the traditional 4WD truck that is tied to a heavy suspension. The Honda Ridgeline is the mid-size truck for people who are looking for some of the luxury features and comfort that are commonplace in SUVs. 

Should you lease a new Honda Ridgeline? 

Leasing is often a better alternative for people who want a new vehicle, but don't necessarily want the high monthly payment involved with owning that new vehicle. Leasing gives you the option of having a new car, affordably, with some limitations on the mileage that you can drive. Additionally, you also have the option of buying your Honda Ridgeline when your lease expires. Many people are happy with the cost savings and flexibility of leasing a vehicle. 

Some guidelines for picking the right Honda Ridgeline Trim 

Gone are the days when the base trim was simply "what you could afford." The Honda Ridgeline includes a plethora of features in every trim. Every Ridgeline Trim includes Honda Sensing, so you are covered with premium safety features. The baseline Sport starts a little bit higher than similar trucks manufactured by Chevy, Ford, and GMC, but you also get a lot more.

2022 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E

  • Consider the Sport trim if you frequently drive alone, but occasionally transport people in your family. The Sport is a good everyday mid-sized truck.
  • The RTL adds a power driver's seat for comfort and a sunroof, so it's a great option for those who like to travel on the weekends.
  • The RTL-E is the trim that you want to show off to your friends (with audio in the bed) and can also help you on a day when you need to use your tools.
  • The Black Edition is the sporty Ridgeline, complete with all the features and comfort. 

Making a list of features will ultimately help you find the trim that you want. For example, many people who don't need navigation will go with the Sport or RTL. Someone who goes to their kids' soccer games on the weekend or camps will find that the RTL-E fits their needs nicely. Brickell will also give you the option of taking a Ridgeline for a test drive, so that you will find the trim that suits your needs.

Why choose Brickell Honda for your next Honda Ridgeline 

You won't find another car dealership in the Miami area like Brickell Honda. We are a frequent winner of Honda's President's Award, meaning we provide a first-in-class dealership experience. Additionally, we have financing and leasing options to match your budget. We can help you with the trade-in, and you will drive your dream vehicle off of our lot.