Can You Buy a Car in Another State?

Finding a great deal on a model you love is a good reason to buy a car out of state. For visitors to Miami, you may find the perfect car at our Brickell Honda dealership that you want to take home with you. 


However, for out-of-state visitors, buying a car may require a bit more paperwork and planning than normal. Luckily, our dealership is equipped to help you handle any logistics and paperwork needed to get you driving off with your new Honda. We'll go over the ins and outs of buying a car out of state, including the records you might need for the purchase.

Can You Buy a Car in a Different State?

The short answer is yes–you can buy a car while you're out of your home state. Many people choose to buy their car from a dealership outside of their home state. Whether you're looking for the best deal on Hondas or you want to find a particular model, there are a lot of reasons why you may want to consider purchasing a car at Brickell Honda, even if you don't live in Florida.


The process will remain much the same as it would be if you bought the car in your home state. However, there are some differences you should be prepared for to make the purchase as smooth and easy as possible. 


What Information and Records Do You Need for the Purchase?

If you're looking to buy a car out of state, you'll need to have a few items of information with you to complete the sale. Like any regular vehicle sale, you'll need to have your driver's license, proof of insurance, and payment methods. If you choose to go through the dealership for financing, you'll need additional documents, such as address verification, proof of identity, and proof of income. 


For a lot of travelers, having all of these documents ready to hand over to the dealership probably isn't likely. If you're traveling specifically to buy a new car, you should make sure to bring these documents along with you. Or, if you think it's likely that you might shop for a new car while on your trip, you should have these documents ready. 


If you decide to trade in your current car while you're out of state, you'll need even more records in addition to the documents you need to purchase a car. Some of the records you'll need to trade in your current car include the car title, registration, and service records. If you have all of these documents and the car's records are clean, you should have no trouble trading in your car at an out-of-state dealership.

What Is the Process for Buying a Car Out of State?

If you choose to buy a car at an out-of-state dealership, the process won't be that different from a local dealership in your home state. You'll still need all of the usual documents for purchase. You'll also still need to pay all of the registration fees, insurance costs, and sales tax for your home state. 


The initial steps to buying a car from an outside dealership are the same as a dealership in your home state. As a first step, you'll want to take into consideration the vehicle's history report if it's a used car. The report will indicate any concerns or issues you should be aware of before purchasing the car. Choosing a certified pre-owned Honda car is an easy way to ensure that you are getting a high-quality used car in great condition.


You'll also need to check with your home state about any emission or safety standards. Some states have different laws and regulations in place about emissions, so you'll want to check and make sure that your new car complies with the local laws of your home state. If your car doesn't meet these standards, then you may not be able to register the vehicle in your home state.


In general, dealerships usually take care of the necessary paperwork concerning sales tax. If the dealership does take care of sending the sales tax paperwork to your home state, you should keep the receipt of this transaction. 


Most dealerships will take care of the registration paperwork. You should be sure to verify that you have the necessary registration permits to drive the car back to your home state, though. 


What Should You Consider When You Buy a Car From Another State?

There are a few other considerations you should think about before driving off with your new car. For starters, you'll need to get insurance coverage before you head back to your home state. If you're trading in your car, you can switch coverage from your old vehicle to your new one fairly easily. However, if this is your first time buying a vehicle, you'll want to research insurance policies for the best deal. There are a lot of different policy options, but you'll probably want to go with a full-coverage policy to ensure that you're protected from expensive accidents. 


If you're looking to buy a car out of state, you shouldn't be too worried about the logistics when you're buying from a respected dealership. Most dealerships have plenty of experience with out-of-state paperwork, so they'll be able to answer any questions you might have throughout the process. The main concern for out-of-state travelers is having all of the paperwork and records handy for the sale and trade-in. You should be sure to double check you have all of the information you need if you are planning on car shopping. At our dealership in Miami, we are ready to help you through the out-of-state car-buying process, so get in contact with our team if you have questions or concerns.