Exploring the Advanced Safety Features of Honda's Sensing Suite

Do you want to minimize your risks on the road? How about avoiding speeding tickets and collisions? The Honda Sensing suite is designed to do just that. With this latest technology, Honda vehicles are capable of doing incredible things like automatic braking to avoid crashes or reading speed limit signs to notify drivers. These features are designed for safety and to help you become a better driver. 

The Honda Sensing suite has a lot of benefits specifically safety, convenience, and a better driving experience. As Honda is continually striving to improve safety technology, its goal is to ensure that everyone is safe, this includes vehicle occupants, other cars on the road, and pedestrians. We'll dive deeper into the Honda Sensing suite, including more about how this technology works, its benefits, and how Honda is continuing to improve its safety features.

What Technology Is Available in the Honda Sensing Suite?

There are quite a few different features available in the Honda Sensing suite. Depending on the model and trim level of your Honda vehicle, you may only have some of the features. For high trims, however, it's likely that you will have all of these features available in your vehicle. 

One of the best safety technology features of the bunch, this collision avoidance system helps you avoid crashes with other vehicles or objects with the sensing technology. The system works by detecting objects in its path and automatically applies the brakes to avoid a collision. If you're looking for the best safety features to keep you and your occupants safe, you'll appreciate this technology as it can help you avoid getting into bad accidents. 

With this system, the technology senses if your car leaves the lane without a turn signal. To rectify this lane departure, the system applies brakes and adjusts steering to get your vehicle back into the correct lane. Though you should always pay attention while driving on the road, this technology can help prevent accidents if you find yourself drifting into another lane on the road.

This feature helps to automatically create a safe distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. The system detects the speed of the car in front of you and automatically adjusts your car's speed to follow at an appropriate distance. For long trips on the highway, having this function can make driving easier and more convenient, as you won't have to constantly adjust your speed manually. 

With this feature, the system automatically adjusts the steering to keep your car centered within any detected lanes. For long drives on curvy highways, having this feature can be helpful to drivers to stay safe and on course. 

This cool feature uses a camera to detect road signs like the speed limit. The system then notifies the driver of the posted sign. For those who want to avoid speeding tickets and generally keep safe on the road and follow road instructions, having this system is handy. 

A driver's blind spot can be a danger for everyone on the road. In order to avoid accidents arising from drivers' blind spots, Honda developed this system to improve safety on the road. The technology works by sensing cars in the blind spot area and alerting the Honda driver of these cars. So when you've put your turn signal on and are about to switch lanes, the system will beep if there is a detected car in the area. Once the area has been cleared or you've turned off your signal, the beeping will stop. 

As an additional feature to your rearview camera, the cross-traffic monitoring system checks the sides of your vehicle and alerts you when there are cars approaching. The system will beep with any oncoming traffic and will stop making noise when the area is clear to reverse. 

With this system, your vehicle will change between the high-beam and low-beam settings depending on the conditions. This intuitive technology can help you see better on the road when visibility is poor. 

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How Is Honda Improving Its Safety Features?

Honda is continuously improving and expanding upon its host of safety features. The goal of the company is to keep the occupants of your vehicle safe as well as keep others safe. The company plans to continue its commitment to safety for everyone on the road by including more standard sensing technology on all models and trims and exploring new technologies that can help improve safety and driver performance. 

The company has plans to launch an updated version of the Honda Sensing suite called Honda Sensing 360 in 2024. Some of the new features include advanced automation systems that allow for a hands-free driving function. With this function, the driver of the car will be able to take their hands off the steering. 

Safety technology in the automobile industry is always changing and evolving over time. Honda has remained committed to continually providing the best safety features to ensure that the road is a safe place for everyone. The current Honda Sensing suite offers drivers plenty of helpful features to avoid collisions and improve their driving experience. However, Honda is always trying to improve on their safety technology. In the coming years, the company has plans to further its sensing technology features to include more automated tasks. If you're interested in trying out these safety features for yourself, head to our dealership in Miami for a test drive.