Honda Accord versus Kia Stinger

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Are you having a hard time narrowing down your focus in your new midsize sedan search? With so many similar options available, like the Honda Accord and the Kia Stinger, it can be challenging to make a decision. Both options have a lot of safety and technology features, plus great driving capabilities. So, how do you choose between them?

Deciding between the Accord vs. Stinger will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and financial situation. We'll go over the main pros and cons of each model to help you decide which option is best for you. 

Honda Accord (2023)

If you're looking for a car with a solid reputation for reliability, long-term value, and plenty of safety features, the Honda Accord is an excellent choice. The current model year Accord doesn't change much from the previous version as it offers the same level of all-around capabilities. 

The Accord is available in six different trim levels–the LX (base trim), EX, Sport Hybrid, EX-L Hybrid, Sport-L Hybrid, and Touring Hybrid (highest trim). If you're looking for the most affordable option, you'll want to opt for the LX trim. It has a starting price of $27,295. However, if you're budget is open to more expensive options, then the Touring Hybrid is available for $37,890.

The Honda brand is well-known for its standard safety features. The Accord offers a lot of these features even in the base trim. The LX is equipped with a multi-angle rearview camera, a forward collision mitigation system, a traffic jam assist, and adaptive cruise control. You'll also be able to enjoy high-quality technology features like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto capabilities, a touchscreen display, and wifi hotspot capability. 

Kia Stinger (2023)

The Stinger's sporty and bold exterior design combined with its powerful engine make it a unique car option. Its large dimensions and all-wheel drive make it stand out from other midsize sedans on the market. 

The Stinger is only available in two different trims–the GT-Line and the G2. The price for these two trims starts high compared to other sedans. The GT-Line has a starting price of $36,690, and the G2 costs $51,890. 

There are a lot of standard luxury features on the base trim of the Stinger. You'll enjoy high-end technology such as wireless charging, a ten-inch touchscreen display, and blind spot detection technology. There are also other luxury design features like leather-trimmed seating, front and back seat USB ports, and heated front seats.

How Do They Compare?

Choosing between the Accord vs. the Stinger might be a hard choice, as they both have a lot of great features. We'll compare the two models in some of the most important categories to see how they stack up to one another.

The Honda Accord Has More Affordable Trims Than the Kia Stinger

Affordability is an important factor for a lot of car shoppers. If you're looking for the best deal, you'll prefer the Accord vs. the Stinger. The base trim of the Accord is close to ten thousand dollars cheaper than the base price of the Stinger. Additionally, you'll find more affordable trim options to choose from with the Accord.

The Kia Stinger Has All-Wheel Drive

The Stinger has the option of all-wheel drive. This feature sets it apart from a lot of other sedans, including the Accord.

The Kia Stinger Has a More Powerful Engine Than the Honda Accord

If having a powerful engine is important to you, then you'll appreciate the Stinger's 300-horsepower engine on its base trim and the 360-horsepower engine on the G2 trim. The Accord's engine dulls in comparison to the Stinger. The base trim offers a 190-horsepower engine. While the hybrid trims have a 204-horsepower engine. 

The Honda Accord Is More Fuel-Efficient Than the Kia Stinger

Fuel efficiency is important as it can save you a lot of time and money at the gas pump. If you're looking for the most fuel-efficient option for your next car, then you'll prefer the Accord vs. the Stinger. The Accord's base trim has an estimated 32 combined city/highway mpg rating. The Accord's EX-L Hybrid trim offers even more fuel efficiency with an estimated 48 combined city/highway mpg rating. In comparison, the Stinger's base trim only has an estimated 25 combined city/highway mpg rating.

The Honda Accord Has More Rear Passenger Space Than the Kia Stinger

The Honda Accord has more space for backseat passengers. There's much more legroom in the Accord, so your passengers will feel more comfortable on long drives. So, if you have a family or expect to drive other people around frequently, then you may prefer the Accord over the Stinger. 

The Kia Stinger Has More Cargo Space Than the Honda Accord

While the Accord has the Stinger beat on backseat passenger space, the Stinger makes up for it with a large cargo area. The Stinger's cargo measurements are 23 cubic feet, while the Accord's space only allows for 16.7 cubic feet. So if you need to pack a lot of luggage, gear, or groceries, the Stinger is the best option for extra roominess.

Though they may appear similar at first glance, the Honda Accord and the Kia Stinger have some major differences between them. Depending on your personal preferences and financial situation, you may prefer one option over the other. Both models have a lot to offer car shoppers, so you should choose the one that fits your needs best. If you like a sporty design, a powerful engine, and a large cargo area then you'll prefer the Stinger. However, if you're looking for a solid, reliable, and fuel-efficient car then you'll prefer the Accord vs. the Stinger. We offer a selection of new Honda models, so when you're ready to test drive the Accord, head to our dealership or contact us.