Honda Accord vs. Nissan Rogue

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The Honda Accord and Nissan Rogue are both excellent options for people looking to buy a comfortable and reliable car. They both have standard safety features that make driving less stressful and are in the same price range as each other. 

Despite falling into roughly the same price range, the Accord is a sedan, and the Rogue is an SUV. Generally, SUVs carry a hefty price tag due to their size, engine, and performance. But the Rogue is affordable for families on a budget. However, the Accord has an upscale cabin and plenty of cool technology features.

It can be challenging to decide between these two models as they both have advantages. We'll compare the Honda Accord vs. the Nissan Rogue in top categories like fuel efficiency, design, performance, and technology so you'll understand your options better. 

Honda Accord (2023) 

The Honda Accord is a sleek and stylish sedan that offers a comfortable cabin and decent fuel efficiency. It's sold in six different trim levels–the LX, EX, Sport Hybrid, EX-L Hybrid, Sport-L Hybrid, and Touring Hybrid. If you're only interested in the base trim, its starting price is $28,390. However, if you're interested in higher trim levels, the price will increase. The Touring trim is the most expensive at $38,985.

The Accord offers an impressive number of safety features on even the most basic trim level. You can expect features like a collision braking system, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, road departure warning, and a multi-angle rearview camera. 

Along with all the safety features, the Accord has plenty of other technology features designed to make driving easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Some of the features included on all trim levels include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, Bluetooth, and USB ports. On upper trim levels, you'll experience even more features like smart entry with auto locks and a wireless phone charging station.

Nissan Rogue (2023)

The Nissan Rogue is an SUV suitable for city driving yet has an outdoorsy outward appearance. It's available to be purchased in five different trim levels–the S, SV, Midnight Edition, SL, and Platinum. If you opt for the base trim, it will cost you $27,360. If you want the highest trim level, then you will pay at least $37,140.

The Rogue comes with a lot of standard safety features that include but are not limited to automated braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, and adaptive cruise control.

The cabin is practically designed with elegant fixtures on higher trim levels. You can expect a lot of storage options on all trim levels and genuine leather seating on the higher trim levels. In addition to design comforts, there are also technology features aimed to make the riding experience more enjoyable, like a standard touchscreen infotainment display center with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. 

How Do They Compare?

The Nissan Rogue Has More Storage Options Than the Honda Accord

For families, having extra space and storage options is an important feature to keep in mind when car shopping. Both the Rogue and the Accord are able to accommodate five people. However, the Rogue offers bigger dimensions for more storage opportunities. 

If you often find yourself needing extra space for cargo, then you'll appreciate the Rogue's extra space. The Accord has 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space, while the Rogue has an impressive 37 cubic feet of cargo space.

The Honda Accord Has the Most Powerful Engine

If you're looking for the best engine, then you'll enjoy the Honda Accord vs. the Nissan Rogue. Despite being the smaller car, the Accord offers the most powerful engine on certain trim levels. With higher trim levels that feature the hybrid powertrain, the model is able to generate up to 204 horsepower. In comparison, the Rogue doesn't offer a hybrid option and is able to produce up to 201 horsepower on all trim levels.

The Honda Accord Has Better Fuel Efficiency Than the Nissan Rogue

If you want the most fuel-efficient option, then the clear choice is the Honda Accord vs. the Nissan Rogue. Spending a ton of cash at the gas pump isn't ideal, which is why fuel efficiency is important to a lot of car shoppers. The Accord offers hybrid powertrain options that offer excellent fuel efficiency, estimated to be 51 City/ 48 Highway mpg. In contrast, the Rogue has an estimated 31 City/ 28 Highway mpg.

The Nissan Rogue Has a Lower Starting Price for the Base Trim Than the Honda Accord

Though the Nissan Rogue and the Honda Accord have roughly the same price range, the Rogue offers the most affordable base trim option. For families on a tight budget, the base trim of the Rogue offers a lot of value for the price. 

The Honda Accord Has a Sleek Design

The Honda Accord blends well into the cityscape with a sleek exterior design, compact dimensions, and an elegant cabin. It's a perfect choice for those who drive in a town or city. In comparison, the Nissan Rogue has bigger dimensions and an outdoorsy exterior despite not being particularly adept at offroading. 

If you are trying to decide between the Honda Accord vs. the Nissan Rogue, then you should consider your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. Both options offer a lot of safety features that are perfect for families. However, if your budget demands the lower price of the Rogue's base trim, then that's a good choice for you. It has great storage options and cargo space. But if you want a fuel-efficient car that fits into your in-town lifestyle, then you'll enjoy the Accord more than the Rogue.