Honda Civic Versus Hyundai Sonata

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If you're looking for sophisticated sedans, two of the most popular options are the Honda Civic and the Hyundai Sonata. They both have an upscale cabin and sleek exterior design. Additionally, they also feature up-to-date technology to make driving a comfortable experience.

What's the difference between the Civic vs. the Sonata? Choosing between these two options may be challenging due to their similarities. We'll go over some of the pros and cons of both models to help make your decision easier. 

Honda Civic (2023)

The Honda Civic has been one of the most popular midsize sedan models on the market. Thanks to its reliability, driving capabilities, and comfortable cabin, many car shoppers opt for the Civic. The current model year also features relatively high mpg ratings even without any hybrid options. The EX has an estimated 36 combined city/highway mpg rating.

There are three trims available–the Sport, EX, and Touring. If you are interested in the base trim (Sport), the price starts at $25,050. However, if your budget can be stretched, then you might be interested in the highest-priced trim (Touring), which costs $30,050. 

On all trim levels, you can expect a lot of high-quality standard safety features. Some of the features include a collision mitigation braking system, traffic jam assist, and a traffic sign recognition system. In addition, you will also enjoy technology to make your ride more enjoyable. On all trim levels, you'll have Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capabilities, Bluetooth, and a USB port. On the Touring trim, you'll also have premium features, like a wireless charging station, HD Radio, and a Bose sound system.

Hyundai Sonata (2023)

The Hyundai Sonata doesn't skimp on elegant design features. In the current model year, the Sonata has a sleek exterior design as well as a refined cabin that's decked out with the latest technology. It also offers hybrid trims that have high mpg ratings. The Blue Hybrid trim has an estimated 52 combined city/highway mpg rating.

The Sonata offers many different trims, including five gas options and three hybrid options. You can choose from the SE, SEL, SEL Plus, N Line, Limited, Blue Hybrid, SEL Hybrid, and Limited Hybrid. If you're just interested in the base trim (SE), it will cost you $25,250. The highest-priced trim (Limited Hybrid) jumps up to $35,700. 

There are safety features available on all eight trim levels. Some of the standard safety features included on even the base trim are a forward collision warning, blind-spot collision warning assist, and driver attention warning. There is also technology featured to help make your ride more enjoyable on all trim levels, like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, HD Radio, and a touchscreen display.

How Do They Compare?

Though there are a lot of similarities between the two models, there are some key differences that you should take into account before purchasing one of these vehicles. Deciding between the Civic vs. the Sonata will come down to your own priorities and preferences. We'll go compare the two models in important categories like fuel efficiency, space, driving capabilities, and affordability.

The Honda Civic Offers More Affordable Trims Than the Hyundai Sonata

If you're looking for the most affordable options, then you'll prefer the Civic vs. the Sonata. The base trim is slightly cheaper than the Sonata's base option. Additionally, the Civic's highest trim level is about five thousand dollars cheaper than the Sonata's top option. So if you're looking for luxury at an affordable price, then you might want to consider the Civic's top trims.

The Hyundai Sonata Has Better Fuel Efficient Options Than the Honda Civic

Though the gas options for the Sonata and the Civic are around the same rating, the Sonata offers fuel-efficient hybrid options. The Sonata's hybrid trims offer significantly better fuel efficiency than the Civic. So, if you prioritize fuel efficiency, then you should consider Sonata's hybrid options.

The Hyundai Sonata Has More Cargo Space Than the Honda Civic

The Sonata has noticeably more cargo space than the Civic. The Sonata has 16 cubic feet of trunk space, while the Civic only has 14.8 cubic feet. If you tend to carry a lot of gear or you need the space for luggage on road trips, then the extra space may come in handy.

The Hyundai Sonata Has More Horsepower Than the Honda Civic

The Sonata has more horsepower on all trim levels than the Civic. The highest trim levels of the Civic can only produce 180 horsepower. In contrast, the Sonata's N-Line can generate 290 horsepower. However, some of the Sonata's lower trims can only generate 180 horsepower. So, depending on which trim you choose, it may be roughly the same power as the Civic. 

The Honda Civic Has More Space for Backseat Passengers than the Hyundai Sonata

Overall, the Civic and the Sonata provide a comfortable and roomy cabin for passengers. However, if you're looking to give your backseat passengers the most legroom, you'll want to go with the Civic. With a few extra inches of legroom space, Civic passengers can relax and stretch out on long road trips.

The Hyundai Sonata Has Better Technology on Base Trims

The Sonata's base trims have better technology than the Civic. In the Sonata's base trim, you can expect an eight-inch touchscreen, HD radio, and blind-spot collision-avoidance assist. The Civic doesn't offer these features in its base trim and has a smaller touchscreen. 

Choosing between the Civic vs. the Sonata can be challenging. Both models have upscale features and technology that make them attractive to car shoppers. Ultimately, the right choice will be the one that fits your budget, preferences, and needs. We have a large selection of different Honda models, including the Civic if you're ready to go for a test drive.