Honda Civic vs. Dodge Journey

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Are you looking for an affordable car that can meet your family's needs? The Honda Civic and the Dodge Journey are both affordable vehicles that offer comfort and space for passengers.

The Journey is a midsize SUV that has configurable seating and plenty of storage solutions around the cabin. In comparison, the Civic is a sleek sedan that offers a roomy backseat and a lot of convenient technology features.

If you're trying to figure out what vehicle will work best for your family, we'll compare these two models by going over their main features and some of the pros and cons of each. 

Honda Civic (2023)

The Honda Civic is a reliable sedan that doesn't skimp on style or helpful features. It's packed with the latest safety technology and convenient features designed to improve your driving experience. 

The current model year Honda Civic is available in different trim levels–the Sport, EX, and Touring. If you're interested in purchasing the base trim level, the Sport is available for $25,050. If you're looking for the most high-end model, then the Touring can be bought for $30,050.

Some of the helpful safety features you can expect on even the base trim level are the collision mitigation braking system, a road departure warning system, a multi-angle rearview camera, and adaptive cruise control. On the high-end trim level, you'll additionally be able to use a blind spot information system and parking sensors.

The technology of the Civic isn't limited to just safety features. There are also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, smart entry and auto locks, Bluetooth, and a USB port available on all trim levels.

Dodge Journey (2020)

The Dodge Journey is a midsize SUV that is no longer in production, though it can be purchased used. It's only available in two trim levels–the SE Value and the Crossroad. The Journey was cheap compared to other SUV models of the same size. The starting price of the SE Value was $23,675, and the Crossroad trim was $28,595.  

The practical Journey is equipped with storage solutions located around the cabin, which is perfect for large families. In addition to useful cubbies and compartments, there is a touchscreen infotainment display and a USB port. 

How Do They Compare?

The Dodge Journey is Not Expensive When Compared to Other SUVs

The Dodge Journey is a surprisingly affordable SUV, especially at its base trim level. For families on a tight budget, the price is pretty attractive. The low price tag of the Journey is on par with a much smaller sedan model rather than its SUV competition. 

When you need a vehicle with more seating and cargo space but are on a budget, finding a car that meets your needs can be challenging. With the Journey, you'll be able to pay sedan prices but get all the seating benefits of the SUV.

The Honda Civic Has More Technology Features Than the Dodge Journey

If you want more technology features, then you'll prefer the Honda Civic vs. Dodge Journey. The Honda Civic has a lot of standard safety features that families often look for when car shopping. When you're driving around with your kids all day, you want to ensure that everyone is as protected as possible and that any potential danger is averted. 

The Journey doesn't carry as many safety features as the Civic, which is a big deterrent to many families. It also doesn't have some of the convenient or entertaining features of the Civic, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto,

The Dodge Journey Has Flexible Seating and Storage Space

The Journey has flexible seating and cargo options. So, if you often need a lot of cargo room, the rear seats have fold-down options. Additionally, the Journey has many more seating options and compartments compared to the Civic. 

The Honda Civic Has a More Powerful Engine Than the Dodge Journey

If you care about driving performance, you'll prefer the Honda Civic vs. the Dodge Journey. On the higher trim levels, the Civic can generate 180 horsepower. In comparison, the Journey can only produce up to 172 horsepower. Overall, the Civic provides a more enjoyable and capable driving experience than the Journey. 

The Honda Civic Has a More Upscale Interior Compared to the Dodge Journey

If you want an upscale interior with high-quality materials, you'll prefer the Honda Civic vs. the Dodge Journey. With its attractive honey-comb panel that hides air vents and upgraded features on higher trim levels, you'll enjoy the elegance of the Civic. On the highest trim level, you'll get features like a moonroof, heated seats, leather-trimmed seats, and a Boise sound system.

The Honda Civic Is More Fuel-Efficient Than the Dodge Journey

For many people, fuel efficiency is important. No one wants to pay a lot of money at the gas pumps. The Civic has an estimated 30 City/ 37 Highway mpg. In contrast, the Journey does not have good fuel efficiency as it has an estimated 19 City/ 25 Highway mpg. If you want a decent fuel-efficient car, you'll prefer the Honda Civic vs. the Dodge Journey.

Choosing a new car can be challenging, especially when you are on a budget. You'll need to weigh the pros and cons of your options carefully. If you absolutely need the space that an SUV provides, you should consider the Dodge Journey. It has plenty of storage and seating options at a low price. However, if you don't need the space, the Honda Civic is an excellent family car. It is packed with safety features that can give you peace of mind as you drive around with your kids. Plus, it's a bit higher quality than the Journey and offers many convenient and entertaining features for a comfortable riding experience.