Honda Passport vs. Ford Escape

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Picking out a new SUV can be difficult with so many options. How do you know which one will suit your needs best? If you've been researching new SUVs, then you've probably come across two popular models–the Honda Passport and the Ford Escape. Both models are safe and reliable five-seat SUVs. But how are they different?

We'll go over some of the main details of each model, plus we'll make a comparison of important categories like price, fuel efficiency, and design, so you can decide whether you prefer the Honda Passport vs. Ford Escape.

Honda Passport (2023)

The current model year Honda Passport is only available in three trims–the EX-L, TrailSport, and Elite. The basic trim level, the E-L, costs $41,100, while the highest trim level, the Elite, costs $46,560.

The Passport comes equipped with a lot of standard technology features that are available in all three trims. For entertainment features, the Passport has Apple Carplay and Android Auto capabilities, a wireless phone charger, USB ports, and an eight-inch touchscreen display center. 

In addition to entertainment features, the Passport has a lot of safety technology as well. Features include the Honda Sensing Features, blind spot information, parking sensors (front and rear), and a tire pressure monitoring system. 

Ford Escape (2023)

The current model year Ford Escape is available in seven trim levels–the Base, Active, ST-Line, ST-Line Select, ST-Line Elite, Platinum, and Plug-In Hybrid. If you are interested in purchasing the base trim level, it will cost you $27,500. If you opt for the highest trim level, it will cost you $38,500.

The Escape has standard technology features in every trim that promote convenience and comfort. Some of the features include a touchscreen infotainment screen, push-button start, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In addition to these technology features, there are also a lot of safety features. You can expect standard safety features on every trim, like pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, and a blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert.

How Do They Compare?

The Ford Escape Is More Affordable Than the Honda Passport

Affordability is an important factor for a lot of families shopping for their next vehicle. People want a car that has good value for the price. Those who have a strict budget in mind will appreciate the price range of the Ford Escape trims as the trim levels never exceed forty thousand dollars.

The base trim of the Escape is significantly less expensive than the Honda Passport. If you are looking to buy a base trim of either model, then you should consider the Escape as it's more than ten grand cheaper than the Passport. 

The Ford Escape Has a Greater Number of Trims to Choose From Than the Honda Passport

It's nice to have a few options available when you're deciding on a trim level. You may not care about certain features, but others may persuade you to drop more money on a higher trim level. There are only three trim levels for the Honda Passport. In comparison, the Ford Escape has seven different trim levels. 

If you are looking for a model with the most options, then you'll appreciate the Ford Escape. With higher trim levels, you'll notice upgraded materials and styling in the cabin, like ambient lighting, panoramic moonroofs, and a ten-speaker sound system. There is also a hybrid engine option, which the Passport doesn't have in its lineup.

The Honda Passport Has a More Powerful Engine Than the Ford Escape

Overall, if you're looking for the vehicle with the most power, you'll prefer the Honda Passport vs. the Ford Escape. The Passport has an estimated 280 horsepower. In contrast, the Escape has only 180 horsepower. 

Additionally, the towing capacity of the Passport is far greater than the Escape. The Passport can tow up to five thousand pounds, while the Escape can only manage two thousand pounds. 

The Honda Passport Has More Cargo Space Than the Ford Escape

Having extra space in your vehicle for extra gear can be incredibly helpful, especially when you are used to having a car full of passengers. If your lifestyle could use extra space throughout your vehicle, then you'll prefer the dimension of the Honda Passport vs. the Ford Escape.

The Passport has a cargo capacity of 41.2 cu/ft. In contrast, the Ford Escape only has 34.4 cu/ft. So, if you think you would benefit from the extra space to store gear or other items, then you'll want to consider the Passport.

The Ford Escape Has Better Fuel Efficiency Than the Honda Passport

The Ford Escape has much better fuel efficiency than the Honda Passport. The Escape even has a hybrid engine option for one of the trim levels. The Passport doesn't offer any hybrid options. 

The Honda Passport has a 19 City/ 24 Highway mpg. In comparison, the Escape has a 27 City/ 33 Highway mpg. If you want the most fuel-efficient option, then you'll want to get the Ford Escape Hybrid trim level.

Both the Ford and the Honda models are reliable and safe family SUVs. However, you may prefer one over the other. The Ford Escape is the most affordable option, with many different trims at low prices. You can also save money at the gas pumps since because of the model's high fuel efficiency.  However, the Honda Passport has many desirable features. If you want an upscale cabin with high-quality technology features, a powerful engine, and more space for cargo and passengers, then you'll prefer the Passport. Ultimately, deciding on your family's next SUV purchase comes down to lifestyle, price range, and preferences.