How To Reset Honda Civic Oil Light

The Honda Civic has many great features, including an oil light on the dashboard that indicates when it's time for an oil change. For drivers, having this light ensures that you stay on top of regular oil changes, which is highly beneficial for the lifespan of your vehicle. 

However, if you decide to take your Honda for service at an independent auto shop or you perform the maintenance task yourself, the oil light may not reset after you've changed it. You may also encounter a faulty oil light, so it's important to ensure that your oil light is working properly. For those who are wondering how to reset the Civic oil light yourselves, we'll go over the steps you need to take. We'll also discuss why you should consider taking your Honda for service at a dealership for this issue instead.

Why Are Regular Oil Changes Important for Your Car?

Hondas are reliable cars, but every vehicle needs regular maintenance, including oil changes to function properly. Every Honda owner should follow the recommended maintenance schedule for oil changes, which is around the 3,000-mile mark. When you change your oil regularly, you ensure that your car's performance and longevity are at optimal levels.

However, if you forget or neglect to change your car's oil, there can be significant consequences over time. Having enough clean oil allows your engine's parts to be adequately lubricated. If your engine is not lubricated, your engine will likely have abnormal wear on its parts. Excessive friction can also lead to more strain and heat within the engine, which means your car won't run efficiently. 

Eventually, you'll encounter more than just performance problems if you don't change your oil. You could risk total engine failure. When that happens, you'll have to spend a lot of money replacing your engine. 

How Do You Reset Your Civic's Oil Light?

Every time you receive an oil change, the oil light on your Civic's dashboard should be reset. However, if you notice that the light is not reset after an oil change, you'll need to figure out to reset it. There are a few simple steps you can take to reset the oil light on your Honda Civic. 

  • The first step you'll need to take is to use the ignition to turn on your car's power (without turning on the engine). 
  • You'll then select "menu" on your steering wheel's controls. 
  • After hitting the "menu" button, you should use the (+) button to navigate to the vehicle information category and hit the "source" button. 
  • You should then hit the "source" button again, which will take you to the maintenance screen that shows your engine's oil life.
  • Use the (-) button to select the yes option, and then press the "source" button again.
  • To check that the reset process worked, turn off the power and start your car again. 

Should You Reset Your Civic's Oil Light?

If you notice that your Honda's oil light is turned on, you'll want to reset it, so you don't mess up your maintenance schedule. It's possible for Honda owners to reset their oil lights, but should they? Resetting your Civic's oil light is a simple process. You can easily perform the task without having significant skills or knowledge about cars. However, it's generally not the best idea to reset the oil light yourself. Instead, you should have your oil light reset when you take your Honda in for service. 

Why Should You Visit a Professional for Service Instead?

Why shouldn't you reset your oil light yourself? For Hondas to work properly and last a long time, they need to be maintained on a schedule. The recommended timeframe for an oil change is around 3,000 miles or about three months. If you don't change your oil at the recommended intervals, you could risk damage to your engine. 

Due to the importance of regular oil changes, it's essential to accurately reset your oil light immediately after performing an oil change. When you take your Honda in for service at a dealership, the oil light will be reset immediately after the task is completed. This way, you won't have to worry about resetting the oil light yourself and messing up your maintenance schedule.

Additionally, if your oil light is turned on despite having full oil levels, you may be dealing with more complicated issues. It's best to get your vehicle in for service with a professional and knowledgeable Honda technician. They'll be able to quickly diagnose any issues with your car and reset your oil light so it's back on its regular maintenance schedule. 

Choosing Brickell Honda for Service

If you're in the Miami area, you should consider heading to our dealership for your car's oil changes. At the appointment, our technicians will efficiently perform the necessary oil changes and be able to diagnose any issues related to the car's oil levels quickly. After each appointment, your vehicle's oil light will be reset, so all you have to do is take your Honda in for service when you see the light turned on again. 

There are simple steps to reset your Civic's oil light. You don't need specialized tools or training to reset the light. However, the easiest and best option is to take your car for service at a dealership. Regular oil changes are essential to the health of your Honda. Without frequent oil changes, you could risk poor performance and serious damage to your engine, so you'll want to make sure that you follow the recommended maintenance schedule. If you're ready to take your car in for an oil change, you can schedule an appointment for service through our online booking system