Safety First: Exploring Honda's Advanced Safety Features

Are you looking for a car with a ton of safety features? Honda takes safety seriously and has many standard features available on every model and every trim level. The brand is constantly working to develop new safety technologies to keep everyone on the road safe. 

What are the safety features in Honda vehicles? Currently, the latest cutting-edge technology features the Honda Sensing suite. Among these features are preventative measures designed to help drivers avoid accidents. Drivers will have access to features such as a collision mitigation braking system, a lane-keeping assist system, and road departure mitigation. We'll explore these safety features available in Honda models in more depth.

What Are Honda's Advanced Safety Features?

Honda has been hard at work developing the best safety technology features. Even as other automobile brands have also developed their own technologies, Honda has remained ahead of the pack when it comes to providing drivers with the latest safety features. 

What are the safety features in Honda vehicles? Honda's advanced safety features are composed of its sensing technology and passive safety considerations. With the Honda Sensing suite, drivers will have more peace of mind on the road, as the technology will help to anticipate problems, such as collisions. 


Standard Safety Features Available on all Trims

The basic features of the sensing suite are standard on all current models in the Honda lineup. Drivers will have access to these features regardless of what trim level they can afford. For those on a budget, going with the base trim is a great value as you'll still have these important features. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control has been a popular feature among many cars for years. However, with adaptive cruise control, you'll be able to keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you. For those stuck in light traffic on the road, having this option is a helpful and convenient feature. 

Collision Mitigation Braking System

With this system, drivers will be alerted via verbal and visual warnings of any possible frontal collisions. The system uses a radio transmitter and front-facing camera to detect possible objects ahead of the vehicle. If it detects a possible crash and the driver reduces speed, the system will automatically start lightly braking. If the system detects a definite collision ahead, it will apply the brakes strongly regardless of whether the driver reduces speed. 

Road Departure Mitigation 

This system uses a camera to detect lane markers. If the system identifies that the car is about to cross over a solid line, it emits warnings to let the driver know. However, if the system detects that the car is veering into the lane without the driver correcting course after the warning signal, it will lightly steer the vehicle back into the correct lane. If it senses that the automatic steering assistance did not help, the system will strongly apply the brakes.

Forward Collision Warning

With this warning, drivers will be alerted to any oncoming objects in the car's frontal path. The warning consists of an audible warning as well as a visual signal to get the driver's attention.

Lane Keeping Assist System

With this technology, the system uses a front-facing camera to determine lanes. The system will then aim to keep the car centered in the lane. If it senses that the car is drifting out of the lane, it will automatically start to steer the car back into the center. 

Traffic Sign Recognition System

This system can help you avoid speeding traffic tickets. Using a camera, the traffic sign recognition system will detect traffic signs like speed limits. It will then display the posted speed limit for the driver. 

Upgrade in Safety Features

What are the safety features in Honda vehicles?  For those with a budget that can be stretched, there are slightly more safety features than base trims. Though Honda has a lot of standard safety features, it also has upgraded features usually only available in high trim levels.  You may find these useful features worth the extra cost. However, these features may not be available on all models, so you'll need to check the specifications. 


Blind Spot Information System

This is a popular and useful feature that alerts drivers when another car enters their blind spot. When you're attempting to change lanes, this feature is incredibly helpful. If the system detects an object in blind spot areas, it will alert the driver with a warning. 

Parking Sensors

Parking in tight spaces can be challenging. The parking sensors feature helps to alert drivers of objects close to the car when parking. The sensors are located in the front and rear bumpers and can detect objects close to the vehicle. For those who want to keep their car's bumpers in top condition, this feature is useful. 

What are the safety features in Honda vehicles? The brand has developed driver assistance technology that aims to keep roads safer. Some of the features include sensing technology that can help prevent collisions and obey traffic signs. Additionally, upgraded sensing features also help to make driving easier and more convenient. 

Overall, Honda works hard to provide drivers with the latest cutting-edge safety technology for the benefit of everyone on the road. For those on a budget, purchasing a Honda vehicle is an excellent choice, as there are many standard safety features available on all trim levels. However, even if you're working with a wider budget, there are some upgrades you might want to consider to make driving easier. Whether you're looking to purchase a base trim model or an upgraded trim option, Honda is one of the safest brands on the road. If you're looking to find the right model to fit your needs, head to our dealership in Miami for a test drive.