Step By Step Instructions To Honda Remote Start

Honda technology aims to make driving easier and more convenient for drivers by including helpful features such as Honda remote start. What is Honda's remote starter? With this device, Honda owners will be able to start their cars from a distance away. 

There are many benefits of this technology. On cold mornings, you'll be able to warm up your car from the comfort of your home. Or, on hot days, you can crank the AC before you step foot into the car. 

This remote start technology is simple, but new Honda owners may have questions about how to use it correctly. We'll go over a step-by-step guide for using the Honda remote start in new vehicles. 

How Does It Work?

New Honda vehicles are equipped with remote start technology. No matter which Honda model you purchase, the technology remains the same–simple and straightforward. So, you won't have to worry about following any long or complicated instructions. 

To Start Your Car

  • The first step is to get within 100 feet of your vehicle and press the "lock" button on your Honda key fob.
  • The next step is to press and hold the "engine start" button on the key fob for a couple seconds. 
  • Your Honda's engine will then start, automatically adjusting the temperature inside the cabin. 

To Turn off Your Car

  • Stand within 100 feet of your Honda vehicle.
  • Press and hold the "engine start" button until the vehicle powers off.
  • The engine will also automatically power off after ten minutes if no further action is taken.

What Are Some Tips for Using Honda Remote Start?

Using the Honda remote start is simple, but it's helpful to be aware of some guidelines and tips for proper usage. One of the main guidelines for using the remote start technology is to use the remote start in well-ventilated areas. You should avoid using the remote to start your car in a closed-off garage, as there won't be enough air circulation, especially if you run the car for several minutes. 

You'll also want to minimize the risk of fire. Honda owners should avoid using the remote start when the vehicle is under a tarp or another kind of vehicle cover. Additionally, you'll want to keep extremely flammable materials away from your car when you use the remote starter. This might include oil or other chemicals. 

With the Honda remote start, your engine will run for ten minutes. After that time, if you don't enter the vehicle, the engine will shut off automatically. If you decide that you want to keep your engine running for another ten minutes, you'll need to repeat the process. 

What Are the Benefits of Honda Remote Start?

There are many benefits to this convenient technology. Honda owners will be able to start their vehicles without leaving their homes. For cold winters, this means that drivers can warm up the cabins without stepping foot outside. The security system stays engaged during the remote start process, so Honda owners don't have to worry about theft issues while they wait for their cars to heat up.

You may also have to deal with hot days when you want to cool down the cabin. Stepping into a hot car is not a comfortable experience. Plus, it can take a few minutes for the air conditioner to cool down the cabin to a reasonable temperature. The remote start is an easy way to ensure you don't have to experience a hot car every time you take a drive in the summer. 

Additionally, you'll find that the new technology in models offers a smooth experience. In new Honda models, the transition from remote starting your engine to driving away is seamless. Once you've remotely started your engine, you can approach the vehicle with your key fob and enter the car normally. The engine won't turn off when you open the door while holding your key fob, so you can drive away without restarting your engine. 


What Honda Models Have Honda Remote Start?

The remote start is a popular feature among drivers, so Honda has included this technology in most of the models manufactured recently. This feature is available on many of the newer Honda models and trims. Some of the models that include this technology are the HR-V, the CR-V, the Passport, and the Pilot. However, the remote start feature may not be available on every trim level, so you should be sure to check out the model's specifications if you're car shopping. 

Can You Get an After-Market Remote Starter?

Since not every model and trim level include a remote start option, you may be wondering if you can get an after-market remote starter. After-market remote starters are generally not recommended for your Honda vehicle. These starters need to get past your car's anti-theft security devices. Because of this, it's strongly encouraged that Honda owners opt for remote start technology made available directly from the dealership. 

The Honda remote start technology is simple and easy to use if you follow the instructions. Whether you're looking to beat the sweltering heat on a summer day or you want to avoid sitting in a cold cabin waiting for your car to heat up, the remote start feature can help make your drives more comfortable. For car shoppers looking for a vehicle that emphasizes comfort and convenience, purchasing one of the Honda models that include a remote start option is a great choice. There are plenty of options from the Honda line-up that include this technology. If you're ready to start shopping for the latest Honda models equipped with convenient technology, check out our large inventory selection.