The Future of Electric Vehicles at Honda

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming more popular and more prevalent among automobile manufacturers across the globe. With the international collective push to create vehicles that are more environmentally friendly, Honda has joined other big auto companies in envisioning a future that is 100% electric-powered. 

However, Honda is late to the game when it comes to electric vehicles. While other major brands already have fully electric models on the market, Honda has yet to release one for international consumers. What does the company have in mind for the near future to compete with other brands? 

Honda has an electric model planned for 2024 as well as plans for future releases. The overall master plan is to become fully electric by the year 2040. We'll go over Honda's plans for future electric models and review the details of the new electric model hitting dealerships soon.

Future Electric Plan

As the international community takes more meaningful steps toward climate action, Honda has decided to commit to a fully electric future. Many countries and cities around the world aim to sell cars that produce zero emissions in the future. In order to keep up with the changing times, the Honda brand has created a plan to join other automotive companies toward a fully electric future. 

Though the brand has been slow to adopt electric vehicles into its line-up compared to other automotive companies, The company is now fully committed to the future of Honda electric cars. With their current plan in place, the projected timeline of a full line-up of Honda electric cars will be in 2040. 

While the end goal of this plan is many years in the making, Honda will be releasing new electric vehicles slowly. Honda already has immediate plans for an electric model to be released in 2024. Additionally, the company plans to put out more electric vehicles in 2025. 

Consumers should also expect more Honda hybrids in the near future. Both convention hybrids and plug-in hybrids will likely be forthcoming in the future as Honda makes the transition to electric vehicles. 


What Are Some of the Challenges Honda Faces With Their Electric Vehicles Plan?

Honda is known for its internal combustion engine vehicles, making its foray into electric vehicles quite challenging for the company. While many other automobile brands have already released fully electric vehicles, Honda has remained behind the competition. Because of its reputation for fuel-based engines, making the transition to electric vehicles may be a tough challenge for the brand.

Honda Prologue

For Honda's first electric SUV since announcing its electric transition, the Prologue will be a conjoined effort with General Motors. GM will produce the chassis and battery for the vehicle, following the BEV3 electric architecture. The midsize SUV features the sleek, simple, and aerodynamic design that Honda is well known for. 

Inside the cabin, you can expect the usual clean and streamlined look and design that Honda vehicles are well known for. You should also expect high-quality technology and infotainment throughout the vehicle.

The GM battery used in this vehicle is big and powerful. GM created the Ultium battery, which has a range from 50.0 kWh up to 200.0 kWh. The larger batteries were designed to fit into the brand's trucks and other big vehicles. It's estimated that the largest Ultium battery will be able to give a range of around 400 miles per charge. 

Though the exact specifications of the Honda Prologue are not yet clear, it is likely to echo the specs of GM's electric vehicles. For example, drivers might expect a driving range between 250 to 320 miles for each charge. While the range of these batteries is quite large, fortunately for drivers, the charge times are quick so you won't have to wait long periods of time while your car charges.


Honda E-Architecture

In the future, Honda has plans to use its own E-architecture. While using GM's architecture is a good first step in Honda's long-term plan, ultimately Honda plans to use its own electric architecture and build its own batteries in the future. The Honda E-architecture will focus on software development to usher in a new era for the company that focuses on over-the-air software updates. This development will enable the company to charge monthly payments for specific technology services or updates.

As the world has begun to take steps to address climate change, the biggest names in the automobile industry have shifted their focus to electric vehicles in reaction to this environmentally conscious push. These zero-emission vehicles are important to the future, as many places around the world are requiring these types of vehicles in the coming years. 

Though Honda has been slow to adapt to electric vehicles, the company now has a comprehensive plan in place to fully electrify its fleet by 2040. In the meantime, the company has released immediate plans to start this switch with the new 2024 model, the Prologue. Additionally, it's likely the company will focus on hybrids in the coming years. Currently, the Honda Accord Hybrid and the CR-V Hybrid are the only electrified models available. If you're interested in learning more about these Honda hybrids, check out our new inventory.