Towing with Honda: A Guide for Safe and Efficient Hauling

Maybe you're looking to haul a camper for the first time, or perhaps you need to haul your boat to your favorite fishing spot. Whatever adventure you're looking to embark on, it's important to understand how to tow properly in order to prevent damage and keep everyone safe on the road.

You may be wondering, "Can all vehicles tow? Can I tow with a Honda vehicle?" Certain Honda vehicles are perfect for weekend adventures, as they have a high towing capacity. The Ridgeline, Passport, and Pilot models are the best options for car shoppers who need a vehicle that can handle towing. We'll go over these models in more detail. Additionally, we'll discuss equipment requirements, safety considerations, and towing tips. 

Towing With Honda Vehicles

For those wondering, "Can I tow with a Honda vehicle?" The answer is yes–you can tow with certain Honda vehicles. However, the amount of towing you'll be able to perform safely depends on the model and trim. The Ridgeline, Passport, and Pilot all have different capabilities when it comes to towing. 

The Honda Ridgeline

If you're looking for the best Honda vehicle for towing, you'll need to consider the Ridgeline. As Honda's only truck in the line-up, it offers a powerful performance compared to other models. The AWD truck can tow up to 5,000 lbs, plus it features 262 lb-ft of torque. These features combined with a powerful 280-horsepower engine make it the perfect vehicle for towing. 

The Honda Passport

The 2023 Honda Passport also has impressive towing capabilities, with the ability to tow up to 5,000 lbs. You'll be able to choose from three different trims at varying prices. However, all options have the same towing capacity and 280 horsepower. 

The Honda Pilot

For the 2023 Honda Pilot, the towing capacities vary depending on whether you opt for the two-wheel drive option or the all-wheel drive option. If you opt for a trim with 2WD, the vehicle will be capable of towing up to 3,500 lbs. However, if you opt for the AWD option, the SUV can tow up to 5,000 lbs. If you don't plan on towing large heavy items, you might prefer the 2WD option, as it will cost less than AWD. 


How Do You Tow Properly?

"Can I tow with a Honda vehicle?" If you follow the best towing practices, you'll be able to tow safely and efficiently with Honda models. It's a good idea to follow the best towing practices to prevent any potential issues. The last thing you want to do is cause significant damage to the boat you're towing or get into a collision because you took a turn too sharply. In order to avoid potential damage and danger, you should prepare your vehicle properly and drive cautiously. 

Before you hit the road, you should check out your vehicle. Towing does put a lot of stress on your vehicle, so you'll want to make sure that your car is in top condition before driving off. You should also consider the tires of your trailer. Though they might not seem as important as your vehicle's tires, they could possibly cause issues when you're driving if they have cracks. 

You'll also need to consider how you drive while towing. Driving while towing a trailer is a bit different than how you normally drive your vehicle. For example, you'll need to make wider turns on corners. Navigating sharp turns can also be quite difficult when you're hauling a trailer, so you'll need to understand what you'll be capable of doing. 

Additionally, you'll want to be extra conscious about other drivers. You should set a wider distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you, as you'll need extra time to stop. Plus, you should always try to drive in the right lane on highways, as it's safer and more convenient for other drivers.

Are There Any Equipment Requirements You Need to Follow?

There are a few equipment items you should have for towing to ensure proper safety. You'll need to have trailer safety chains. These chains will hook up to the hitch and keep your trailer properly attached to your vehicle. 

You'll also need a trailer hitch to attach to your vehicle. The Ridgeline comes with a standard hitch already installed. But for the Passport and Pilot, you may need to find the right hitch to fit your needs. 

You may also consider getting mirrors for towing to better see your blind spots. For large trailers, it may be difficult for drivers to see certain areas, so having tow mirrors will help while driving or backing up. 

Are There Any Safety Considerations? 

When you're towing a trailer, you'll need to be alert and mindful of safety concerns. Practicing driving with your trailer is important, as you'll need to understand the limitations and necessary maneuvering. Figuring out how wide you need to turn shouldn't happen on a busy street. So, you'll want to practice in an empty area. 

You should also consider the route you will take. You'll want to avoid sharp, narrow, or twisty roads that will make driving difficult or impossible. Knowing your route beforehand can help you avoid risky driving situations. 

If you've been wondering, "Can I tow with a Honda vehicle?" the answer may be yes depending on the model. If you're looking for a vehicle that's capable of towing large items, then the Ridgeline, Passport, and Pilot are the best options. You'll be able to tow up to 5,000 lbs if the trims are AWD options. However, if you're planning on towing, you'll need to follow a few safety tips and best practices to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you're interested in checking out these models with high towing capacities, check out our inventory of new Honda models.