Upgrades to Honda's Infotainment System

While entertainment features might not be the most important consideration on your car shopping list, having a great infotainment system can make your driving experience more enjoyable, safe, and convenient. Consequently, you may want to consider a vehicle's infotainment system closely while you're shopping for cars. 

As a leading brand in the automobile industry, Honda continues to improve and expand its infotainment system so drivers are more connected to their vehicles than ever before. Some of the cool features in the latest models include innovative technology like smartphone integration, standard touchscreen displays, voice commands, and more. 

As technology continues to evolve, so will Honda models. You can expect more standard features that keep up with the latest technologies available on new models. We'll explain some of the latest upgrades that recent Honda models have adopted. We'll also go over the challenges that Honda has faced with integrating these new features and how they're overcoming them.

What's New for the Latest Honda Models' Infotainment Systems?

Honda infotainment has changed over the years. The latest models reflect the changing technology standards that are available in new trim levels. Additionally, Honda also offers cutting-edge technology options available on upper trim levels, like Google built-in. 

The 2023 Honda Accord is the first car from the brand to install Google's built-in interface. You'll have access to Google Assistant and voice commands, which can perform tasks around the car, like turning down the temperature or switching radio stations. However, you'll need to spend money on a monthly data fee to use the Google built-in services on the Accord.

Other brands have used Google's built-in software as well. However, some models encountered issues when Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were not able to be used with the software. However, Honda has made sure that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are able to be used with the Accord. 


Smartphone Integration

One of the biggest changes in Honda's technology in recent years is the smartphone integration features. With the latest Honda infotainment technology, you'll be able to totally sync your phone and vehicle together for the best connectivity experience. From Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities to the HondaLink services, you'll have the opportunity to access some of the most convenient and helpful features as you go about your daily life. 

You'll have the option of choosing ultra-convenient features from HondaLink that make driving safer, more convenient, and more comfortable. Some of the HondaLink features include:

  • Remote lock and unlock
  • Remote engine start
  • Vehicle health report
  • Navigation integration with your smartphone
  • Automatic collision notification
  • Security alarm alert
  • Geofence alert
  • Voice commands
  • Amazon Alexa capabilities

The integration between your vehicle and smartphone means that you have a lot of information at your fingertips. You'll have access to communication, informational apps, and entertainment from your smartphone available right on your dashboard's display. 

Additionally, with HondaLink features, you'll also be connected to your vehicle even when you're not inside of it. A lot of the benefits include remote features you can use from the comfort of your home. For example, you'll be able to keep an eye on the security of your car and its whereabouts with features like the geofence alert (get notified when your car leaves a specified area), the security alarm alert, and the stolen vehicle locator system (this advanced system can help authorities recover your stolen car). You'll also have convenient features to make your life as a car owner easier, like regular service appointment reminders, recall notifications, and roadside assistance. 

You'll be able to connect your Honda vehicle to your car through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. With this system, your Honda infotainment screen mirrors your smartphone. You'll be able to choose the music you'd like to listen to, send emails and texts, take calls, and more. It basically works as a mirror of your iPhone or Android smartphone. For long road trips or even your daily commute, having all of your phone's information makes it easy to stay connected while you're driving, so you don't miss anything important. 

Voice commands work on both options, so if you have an iPhone, you'll ask Siri questions. If you have an Android, you'll have access to Google Assistance. 

The newest models feature infotainment systems that are simple and easy to use. Typically on Honda models, the touchscreens vary from seven to nine inches. Additionally, though they are touchscreens, most models also come with knobs and side buttons to make it easier for drivers to keep their eyes on the road. 

The interface is also streamlined and incredibly easy to navigate when you're in traffic. When you use the dashboard's touchscreen, it feels like using a smartphone or tablet. The icons are large and easy to spot, which makes navigating the home screen easy. You'll be able to jump from features like music to maps without a problem. 

The Honda infotainment system offers advanced features to ensure a great connectivity experience from the car while you're on the go, or at home. You'll be able to seamlessly integrate your smartphone and your car via Bluetooth for the best driving experience. On the new 2023 Accord model, there's even an option for built-in Google software. With this system, you'll be able to voice control features of your car like the temperature or radio. As Honda is always striving to improve its technology, you can expect any new models to have great connectivity features. If you're interested in taking one of the models for a test drive, come to our dealership in Miami and check out the technology for yourself.