What Is the Best Hybrid Car for the Money?


Many automobile brands are making the push for more fuel-efficient vehicles, such as hybrids. Not only are hybrid cars more environmentally friendly but they also save their owners gas money. With benefits like these, it's no wonder that consumers are clamoring for affordable hybrids. You will find the most affordable hybrid cars from Honda. 

Typically, hybrid cars have been more expensive than other trims or models. However, recently automobile manufacturers have begun to offer budget-friendly options. If you're looking for the most affordable hybrids on the market, you'll have plenty of choices. But which option is the best car for the money? 

Honda hybrids offer some of the best value on the market. You'll find that starting prices are relatively affordable compared to competitors, plus the fuel efficiency ratings of the hybrid models are high, meaning that you will save money on gas over time. Additionally, the long-term value of Hondas holds pretty well, so you won't lose a ton of money from depreciation. We'll go over the different types of Honda models available and explain how they stand out from the competition.

Affordable Honda Hybrid Models

Hybrid options have improved and expanded in recent years. You'll be able to choose from a range of affordable price points and types of cars. From small sedans to larger crossover SUVs, there are a lot of options to suit your needs and preferences. Honda offers a couple of different models and trims for you to choose from and are some of the most affordable hybrids available.

The Affordable Accord Hybrid 

The Accord is a sleek and modern sedan that is reliable and practical. The hybrid trims of this model offer much of the same qualities as its gasoline engine trims. However, you'll notice much better fuel efficiency ratings. There are four different Accord Hybrid trim options available–the Sport Hybrid, EX-L Hybrid, Sport-L Hybrid, and Touring Hybrid. 

The Sport Hybrid trim is the most affordable option out of the four choices. Priced at $31,895, the Sport Hybrid trim has plenty of standard features. Like all Honda models, you can expect the Honda Sensing Safety features. Some of the features include a collision mitigation braking system, a blind spot information system, and adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow. You'll also enjoy other high-quality features, like a 12-inch touchscreen, 204-horsepower hybrid powertrain, and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capabilities. 

The EX-L Hybrid trim is the next affordable option at $33,540. This trim level has all of the standard features of the Sport but offers upgraded luxury features such as leather-trimmed seating, parking sensors, and heated side mirrors. This hybrid trim is also the most fuel-efficient option available. While the other trims receive an estimated 44 combined city/highway mpg rating, the EX-L hybrid has a 48 combined city/highway mpg rating.

The Sport-L Hybrid trim has a starting price of $33,870. Similar to the Sport Hybrid, it offers some of the same features like sport pedals and a gloss black decklid spoiler. Additionally, it offers upgrades from the lower-priced Sport hybrid. You'll enjoy features like a rear diffuser and leather-trimmed, heated front seats.

The Touring Hybrid is the most expensive option at $37,890. At this trim level, you'll have luxury features to enjoy throughout the cabin. Some of the features include ventilated front seats, a six-inch head-up display, a Bose premium sound system, and a wireless phone charger. 

The Affordable Honda CR-V Hybrids

The Honda CR-V offers two hybrid options–the Sport Hybrid and the Sport Touring Hybrid. The Sport Hybrid trim is the more affordable option at $32,400. For the 2WD option, the fuel efficiency rating is 40 combined city/highway mpg. The AWD option offers slightly less fuel efficiency at an estimated 37 combined city/highway mpg rating. 

The Sport Touring Hybrid is priced at $39,100. With this trim, you'll see similar fuel efficiency ratings. However, there are additional upgraded luxury features with this trim level. If you're looking for a more sophisticated cabin, this trim is a great choice, as it's outfitted with a lot of high-quality technology. You'll enjoy features such as a wireless phone charger, a premium sound system, and HD radio. 

What Makes Honda Hybrids Stand out From the Competition?

Honda hybrids are available in a wide price range. Whether you're looking for a car with the best fuel efficiency or you're looking for a hybrid with the most luxury features, there are a few different options available to suit your needs. However, all Honda hybrids offer great value for their price. Compared to the competition, Honda offers some of the most affordable hybrids on the market today. 

The Accord and CR-V offer affordable base trims that have excellent fuel efficiency, upscale features, and decent performance capabilities. Additionally, on the higher trim levels, you'll enjoy luxury features designed to make the driving experience more convenient and comfortable. Though the higher trims may be more expensive than the base trims, they still offer a lot of value to consumers. Depending on your budget, you may want to consider one of the higher trims.

Choosing a hybrid vehicle is a smart choice to save you money at the gas pump. However, some hybrid cars can be priced high at the dealership compared to gasoline engines. Luckily, the Accord and CR-V offer some of the most affordable hybrids for car shoppers on a budget. Even if you are working with a larger budget, you'll still enjoy the value that Honda hybrid models offer on the more expensive trims. If you're looking to test drive one of the Honda hybrid models, come visit our dealership or contact us for more information.