What Is the Best Large SUV for the Money?


SUVs are popular vehicle choices due to their versatility. Whether you need a car spacious enough to accommodate your family or you want a large sporty vehicle capable of towing your boat to the lake on weekends, SUVs are stylish and practical. However, due to its popularity and size, an SUV typically has a hefty price tag. 

Finding affordable large SUVs is challenging. However, one way to find the perfect SUV is to shop around the used inventory selection. This way, you'll still have all the great features you want but at a much lower price. 

The Honda Pilot is a high-quality SUV that has a very capable driving performance and sophisticated features. For those looking at the best affordable large SUVs on the market, you'll find a lot of value in the older Pilot models. We'll go over why you should consider a used Pilot model and how it compares in value to the competition. 

The Pilot (2020)

The 2020 Pilot offers a lot of value with affordable trim options. The original price of the base trim (LX) had a starting price of $32,895. At this level, you'll get a lot of standard safety features that make it a great choice for families. Some of the features you can expect on all trims include a collision mitigation braking system, a lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. 

The 2020 Pilot model's used prices offer car shoppers a good deal. The EX-L trim (originally priced at $37,860) is available for $30,900. At this trim level, you'll still have great technology features, like a keyless ignition, moon roof, and heated leather seats. 

If you're interested in higher trim levels, the Black Edition (the most expensive trim) had a starting price of $50,890. Today, you can find a used Black Edition model that costs $40,700. At this trim level, you'll have luxury features like a ten-speaker audio system, multiple USB ports, and HondaLink.

The Pilot (2021)

Not much has changed from the previous Pilot generation. However, you'll find new standard features on all trim levels including a nine-speed automatic transmission, dual climate control, and an automatic start/stop system. 

The trims are priced slightly higher than the 2020 model, though you will have these upgraded standard features to make up for the price hike. The base model (LX) had a starting original price of $33,775. The EX is the next highest trim at an original price of $36,455. For a used EX model, you can expect to pay a lot less. This EX model costs $28,900. You'll get features like Bluetooth, a rearview camera, and keyless entry. 

The Pilot (2022)

The Pilot's 2022 model year is much the same as the previous two years. However, you'll enjoy more upgraded standard features throughout the cabin. On all trim levels, you'll have an eight-inch touchscreen and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capabilities. You'll also have safety features such as a forward collision warning with automated braking, a lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

The trims are priced higher than the previous years. On this year's model, the most affordable trim levels (LX and EX) of previous years have been dropped entirely. The new base trim available is the EX-L, which has a starting retail price of $41,605. From there, the trims go up incrementally in price. The Special Edition trim costs $42,205.The highest trim level available for this model is the Black Edition at $53,165. 

However, since they are used cars, these models are slightly more affordable than this original pricing. This used 2022 Special Edition trim has retained its value well but is cheaper than the original price. You'll only have to pay $35,500 to get all of the great features that this trim model has to offer. Some of the key features that you'll note in this vehicle include a push-button start, heated leather seats, and a blind spot recognition system. 

How Do the Used Pilot Models Compare to the Competition?

When considering affordable large SUVs, one of the Honda Pilot's biggest competitors is the Nissan Pathfinder. If you're trying to determine which used model provides the best value for the money, you'll need to understand how they compare in price and features. 

The 2022 Pathfinder models retain much of their value. However, there is a slight price drop like the Honda Pilot. If you are looking for a used Pathfinder SL trim, it will likely cost around $39,400. Originally, this trim level was priced at $41,875, so it's a small difference in price. Compared to the Pilot models, buying a used model won't make much of a difference in price. The Special Edition trim of the Honda Pilot dropped at least five thousand dollars off this middle trim's price. The Pathfinder's SL (also a middle trim) only dropped a couple of thousand dollars.

The 2020 Pathfinder models have more affordable options than in later years. The base trim, S, had an original starting price of $33,130. However, the average price of a used 2020 Pathfinder S trim is around $24,809. In comparison to the Pilot, you'll have a lot fewer high-quality features. You may decide to opt for the slightly more expensive Pilot because of the value it brings to drivers.

If you're looking for the most affordable large SUVs that still have plenty of value, then you should consider the used models of the Pilot. From the Pilot's 2020-2022 model years, there are a lot of high-quality technology features and value to consumers. Though its competition, like the Nissan Pathfinder, has lower-priced options, the Pilot provides more top-end features at affordable prices. We have a selection of affordable used Pilot models, so you can find the year and trim that fits your budget and preferences best.